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Chemin du Val de Pome 06410 Biot 

Tel: 04 92 91 50 30 Fax: 04 92 91 50  31

火曜日 休館日 入館料 30フラン

冬時間 10am to 12.30pm 2pm to 5.30pm

夏時間 11am to 6pm


Musée National Fernand Léger Collection

The camper , definitive,1954

The Builders 1950 Polychrome divers,1942-46 The Big Parade on a red Ground 1953  

Composition with two sailors,1951

The Four Cyclists



Liberté j'éris ton nom,1953

Women with a Parrot 1952  

Woman bathing, study,1932

Adam and Eve,1934


Composition à l'aloés n°1,1935

Women with a Bouqiet 1921 Mona Lisa with Keys 1930 Still Life ABC, 1927 Study for the woman in blue,1912

Portrait of uncle, 1905

Portrait d'Henri Viel,1905

July 14th,1914


Constrasting forms,1913




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