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Lucian Freud

Recent Work 1997-2000    April 10to May l9

On April 10th Acquavella Galleries will open an exhibition of recent works by Lucian Freud which will run until May l9th. The exhibition will consist of thirty paintings and five etchings completed between l997 and the present. A catalogue reproducing alI the works in color vvill be published in conjunction with the exhibition, This will be the second exhibition of Freud's work at the gallery, the first having taken place in the fall of l996. Unlike the previous show whose works had been widely displayed at museums both in the United States and Europe, many of the works in the current exhibition have not been publicly exhibited. This will also be the last solo exhibition of Freud's work until the major retrospective planned by the Tate Gallery in London for the year 2002.

ln contrast to Freud's previous exhibition, it is the smaller pictures that constitute the majority of the
show. Of the thirty paintings exhibited, only three are very large canvases: "Large interior, Notting Hill," "Garden, Notting Hill Gate" and The Art Institute of Chicago's "Sunny Morning-Eight Legs."

Two of the paintings, "After Chardin (Small)" and "After Chardin (Large)," are to be included in the upcoming exhibition Encounters: New from 0ld, at the National Gallery, London. For this show, a group of leading artists including Jasper Johns, Bill Viola, Balthus, CIaes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Brugen, were asked to create a work inspired by a painting from the collection of the National Gallery. Freud chose Chardin's "The School Mistress" (l738-39). After the exhibition at the National Gallery closes, his two paintings will travel to various museums in Great Britain, along with the original Chardin, in a small show organized by Neil McGregor, director of the National Gallery.

Gallery hours during the exhibition will be:
Monday through Saturday, lO:00 a.m. to 5:00 p,m.